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Q: Additional testing / quarantine

Additional/secondary testing of donors/products for risk reduction of pathogen transmission. Requirements see as specified by national regulations.
Not specified
May have been subject to quarantine and/or additional testing either listed below or not. See accompanying documents for details.
1.4.1; 1.7.20
No quarantine
Including blood products with serological and highly sensitive nucleic acid amplification technology testing on viruses according to current regulations (e.g. for Germany decision of the PEI "Prevention of drug risks, Graduated plan level 2" of April 5th, 2023)
1.4.1; 1.7.15
Secondary testing at the end of a quarantine period according to current local regulations or approved study protocols. See "Guide to the Preparation, Use and Quality Assurance of Blood Components".
Up to rel. 1.7.12: "Quarantine according to current local regulations. See 'Guide to the Preparation, Use and Quality Assurance of Blood Components'".
Tested negative for bacteria
Product was tested negative for bacterial contamination

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