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Release History

Release Date Qualifier Revision 
1.7.20 2023-04-25 Q1 "No additional testing or quarantine" -> "No quarantine". Description extended
1.7.19 2022-12-15 B27 Approved
P24 Revised
1.7.18 2022-05-07 H3 Description revised
H7 Approved
P25, P26 Revised
1.7.17 2021-12-10 B Description extended.
B26 Approved.
E8, E13 Approved.
H3 Description extended.
K9, K10 Approved.
P24, P25, P26 Approved
V8 Description extended.
V12 Approved.
1.7.16 2021-10-22 B26 Draft
  2020-09-09 V4 Proposal: Reassignment. Previous inactivation method "heat" is assumed to be insignificant for Eurocode managed product profiles. According specifier V4="Heat" (release < 1.7.16) has not been assigned to any product code.
1.7.15 2020-06-10 N0, O0, P0, Q0 Approved
P23 Approved
Q2 Revision: "according to current local regulations" -> "according to current local regulations or approved study protocols"
V3, V5 Minor editorial revision (Compare current vs. historical release for details).
1.7.14 2020-04-05 P23 Proposed
1.7.13 2018-12-18 B13 "T-Sol (PASII)" -> "PASII (T-Sol)"
B14 Description revised
B15 "PAS III" -> "PASIII (Intersol)"
B16 "PAS III M" -> "PASIII M (SPP+)"
Q Renamed: "Quarantine" -> "Additional testing / quarantine" (short term: "Quar" -> "AdTst/Qu")
Description revised
Q1 Renamed: "No quarantine" -> "No additional testing / quarantine" (short term: "NoQu" -> "None")
Q2 Description revised
Q10 Approved
1.7.12 2018-01-30 E16 Approved
1.7.11 2017-12-24 B25 Approved
1.7.10 2017-12-09 T28 Approved
1.7.9 2017-11-17 T27, T28 Revoked
T38, T39 Approved
1.7.8 2017-10-26 B24 Approved
1.7.7 2017-06-26 L23, L43 "Alpha/Beta-positive" -> "Alpha/Beta-positive and CD19-positive"
L27 Approved
1.7.6 2017-05-16 E15 Proposed
1.7.5 2016-12-27 E Short terms: "C" added
P14 Short term: Changed vom "EDTA" -> "EDTA-Pl"
T29,T38,T39 Proposed
1.7.4 2016-04-12 H3 Revision history in preparation
P20, P21, P22 Depricated
T10 Depricated
T11, T13, T14, T16, T17, T18, T19 Revision history in preparation
T23 Approved
V6 Revision history in preparation
V20 Revision history in preparation
1.7.3 2015-12-27 E14 Approved
F Renamed from "Preservation" to "Tissue preservation".
M6 Revised
N3 Approved
T30 Revised
T37 Approved
1.7.2 2014-10-19 L1 Revised: "No leukocyte reduction or depletion" -> "no cell reduction or depletion"
1.7.1 2014-09-29 L22, 42 Revised
L23-26, 41, 43-46 Approved
1.7.0 2014-04-10 F Approved
K8 Approved
1.6.2 2014-03-21 L Renamed from "Leucocyte reduction / depletion" to "Cell reduction / depletion / selection".
Erratum: "Leucocytes <109" as published with 1.6.1 corrigated to "Leucocytes <106".
F Draft.
1.6.1 2012-12-28 2009-12-06 2004-09-20    
<1.5.1     Release history not available currently


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