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The different properties of products are described by attributes (qualifier). The specific characteristic of the attributes are described in the qualifier tables. For each qualifier the appropriate characteristic from the qualifier table has to be assigned.

Members of Eurocode IBLS can request product codes by selecting the characteristics of all qualifiers appropriate to the product. The Technical Committee of Eurocode checks the consistence of the request. For each consistent combination of qualifier characteristics exactly one Product Code will be assigned. Thus different product codes have at least one difference in qualifier characteristics.

Already existing Product Codes are listed in product tables and can be used for product classification by all Eurocode members.

Fig.1: Structure and example of qualifier tables

numeric identifier
version of introduction;
[version of late
st change]
short term
1.4.1; 1.6.1
Products of human origin for the treatment of the same human individual which it has been derived from.


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