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Specifications (about)

Product subclassification (P)No subclassification1
Intended use (K)For intravenous infusion1
Donor/recipient relationship (G)Allogenic (living donors)1
Anticoagulant (A)CPD2
Additive solution (B)SAG-M2
Modifications (M)No Modification1
Cell reduction / depletion / selection (L)Leukocyte-depleted3
Gamma irradiation (N)Irradiated 25 to 50Gy2
System (C)Closed system1
Storage temperature (E)2 to 6°C2
Procedure of donation (H)Whole blood1
Washing (O)Not washed1
Additional testing / quarantine (Q)No quarantine1
Pathogen inactivation (V)No pathogen inactivation1
Volume (D)Standard volume1

Product Code History (about)

1999-02-10 Released

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