D.Roos, J.Kardoeus: ISO7064-standardised Check Digits Applied to Blood Bag Numbers release 1.1.1i (draft)
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ISO7064-standardised Check Digits Applied to Blood Bag Numbers
Dieter Roos and Joachim Kardoeus

Blood product bag numbers
MOD11,10 algorithm
Calculation and validation examples
Coding sample
Hints to users
Hints to developers
References, copyright, disclaimer

Suitable check digit procedures have been explored by Dieter Roos (Hamburg) regarding the specific requirements of blood bag numbers. The MOD11,10 check digit procedure has been recommended by the working party on "Automation and Data Processing" of the German Society of Blood Transfusion and Immunohaematology to be applied to blood products from German blood donation centers. This application guideline has been written by Joachim Kardoeus (Münster) and Dieter Roos (Hamburg) on behalf of Eurocode IBLS.

The English language issue draft has been translated from the final German language release 1.1.1 by Joachim Kardoeus with minor editorial modifications.

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