To request new product codes [PCs], download the Excel file

20xx-xx-xx Request for new product codes.xlsx:  Excel 2013 / 2019 or later.

To switch the specifier from digits to short text and back enter text into Z3/Y3 or delete Z3/Y3

This applies only to the already registered products in the sheets

 Assigned unpublished codes

and Codes published on the homepage

In addition product codes that have already been assigned can be found there by selecting.


All sheets contains links on to the EC homepage product types and qualifiers


The first worksheet "Entry form" is used to request new product codes.

Enter the desired qualifier specifications in numerical form.


Attention: The editing must be activated beforehand

Please always use the current file 

Send the file with the new requests as an email attachment to .

Note any ambiguities or difficulties in the email stating your accessibility. I then call back.


Hamburg 04.06.2020 Dr. Dieter Roos (Spezialist for transfusion medicine, retired)